Zhabinka feed mill OJSC - one of the largest specialized enterprises of Belarus, producing a feed of wide range and purposes. Our company is a leader in the production of dry pet feeds in the Republic of Belarus. 

The main production activity is associated with responding to requests of livestock complexes, poultry farms and other large consumers. At the same time retail sales sector is actively developing. We use flexible scheme of work with our partners. The company has a strong industrial base, developed distribution network, qualified staff of engineers, workers and managers. Production and technological capabilities of Zhabinka feed mill OJSC  increase year after year.


High-tech composite feeds are coming into being in the shops of the plant, as well as PMVS - protein-vitamin-mineral supplements. Today we can offer our customers a wide range of products for livestock, poultry, and fish breeding business. Zhabinka feed mill OJSC  produces feeds in the form of bulk, granules, grains, expandat and granular ekspandat.


The company offers a feed for piglets aged from 9 to 104 days, for fattening pigs to fat standart, for open and pregnant she-goats of the first period, for rabbit growing and fattening from 28 days and older, for two years old and three years old pond carp fish, for broiler chickens from 1 day to 10 days, from 11 to 25 days and from 30 to 49 days, for chickens from 1 to 60 days, laying hens. Three phase feeding have been developed for growing of herd replacements from 10 to 400 days. 


In the program of rearing the physiological features of the assimilation of nutrients at different stages of animal development have been taken into account. In the majority of feed production new technologies are used. The organization deals not only with products production, but also pays considerable attention to its after-sales service. We are working on "Leningrad method" according to which the average annual milk yield per cow is more than six thousand kilograms. The success secret is quite simple - a high-quality feeds, calibrated by science and technology excellence of their preparation, reasonable animals feeding. After examining the best Russian practices, enterprise experts, using the appropriate programs, assist consumers in preparing rations on the basis of some fodder, then the contract for the production of animal feeds is concluded. This allows not only to advance agricultural enterprises, but also to supply feeds even against next harvest.


The organization traditionally pays special attention to improving the quality of products. International quality management system ISO 9001-2001 STB, has been certified for six years already, which successfully operates on the plant. Quality is ensured on all the stages of production - from raw material purchasing to packing the finished product.


In 2006 the company received a conformity certificate to Quality Management System HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for the entire range of products. In 2008 the company has certified the control system of labor protection in accordance with the requirements of STB 18001-2005. 


In 2006 Zhabinka feed mill OJSC mastered the production of dry dog feed for the first time in the country, created its own brand - "Reks". Today it is a manufacturable  product of high quality, balanced on the components that provide a high standard of safety and continued usefulness of the feed. Following the "Reks" that has already acquired huge popularity, the food "Reks Plus” for dogs with increased activity, feed for puppies "Reksik" feed for dogs of small breeds" Reks mini” , as well as feed for cats, "KOTiKORM" have complemented the product line.


We produce effective, healthy and qualitative products. The company feeds have repeatedly been the winners of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus" (CC-60 feed for dairy cows, feed for piglets SC-16 and SC-11, protein-vitamin-mineral supplements).


In 2005 Zhabinka feed mill OJSC  was awarded the prize in the sphere of quality by executive commitee. In 2007 the winners of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus" were recognized dry food for dogs "Reks" and feed PC-93 for rabbits fattening with 28 days and older. In 2008 the organization became a diploma of "The Prize of the Government in the field of quality" and confirmed the award got by the executive committee.


In order to improve the competitiveness of products, as well as to create a positive image the company participates in international exhibitions "Brest. Commonwealth "," Zooomir ", "Buy Belarusian", "Spring in Gomel", "Belagro, Prodexpo", "Euroregion" Neman ", conducts product presentations. Zhabinka feed mill OJSC is a sponsor of many national and regional exhibitions of dogs and cats.


Continuous improvement of production technologies belongs to the plans of the enterprise, as well as broadening the range of mixed fodders and dry feeds for dogs and cats, entering new outlets and continue to meet the consumer claims for them to achieve high results.