History of Zhabinka feed mill OJSC begins with a small production of the local scale. It was founded in the second half of the fifties and intended to bring new trends to the old peasant structure. It was about the first attempt to introduce elements of scientific and industrial approach to feeding in the collective and state farms. Years have passed, and the name of our company has been recognized not only in the Brest region, but throughout the Republic of Belarus. Today our products are a well-known brand, which is associated with excellent quality, as well as high manufacturing technology and a wide range of feeds for all types of animals, birds and fish.

In 1957 "Zagotzerno" was built on the territory of Zhabinka and launched the so-called compact universal feed mill type MUKZ-35.  It was the first step to improve the forage base of animal husbandry. Half a century history of OJSC Zhabinka feed mill begins with it. In the sixties the public livestock herds in the Brest region increased significantly, Zhabinka area wasn’t an exception too. The potential of MUKZ-35 was not enough to satisfy all the needs of collective and state farms.

In 1969  a new workshop with capacity of 200 tons per day was put into operation. An important stage in the history of the enterprise was the installation of graining line in 1971.  It was a real revolution - if we keep in mind the technological production and the quality of final product new possibilities for balancing and enriching fodder have been opened, known drawbacks of loose feed have been overcome: their damage during transportation and storage; selective consumption of feed by animals and especially by birds. The eighties of the last century became a special period in the history of Zhabinka feed mill. Construction of large livestock complexes began in Brest region – among them "West", "Zarya", "Bialowieza".  The last one was a real giant - its full design capacity was 108 thousand pigs. Forming agro business required continuous supply of combined fodder of a different range and volume. In a relatively short period of time Zhabinka became able to adjust its production to the needs of large and mega-consumers, and, what is the most important, - completely restructured the technology for production of starter feeds for livestock complexes.

          In 1988 line of dispensing and line of feed mixing have been fully automated in the enterprise. Products of Zhabinka feed mill have become a high-qualitative complete feed for the livestock of the country. The management of the plant with the support of the local authorities has managed to complete the construction in 1993 and to put into operation a new significant object – grain elevator with its capacity of 18 thousand tons.

 In 1995 the manufacturing base has been strengthened by two major components: the peeling and packing lines. The specialist of Zhabinka feed mill have been carefully studying the local and national markets, finding the new segments of production and marketing. The company first acquired a mini-mill (public services), and then - a mini-bakery. The plant opened (1997) its own shop "Fodder". In a short period of time all the owners of private holdings in the district knew about it. The variety of goods and price was rather good, thereby the individuals of the private sectors were invited to cooperate with closely.

    In 1997 extrusion line was put into operation. Zhabinka feed mill, after the extrusion line, installed the input line of liquid enzymes. The company can produce the most modern feeds with all sorts of supplements, the production technology of which changed the consumer properties of products on the cellular level. In 1999 Zhabinka feed mill implemented full automation of the production process through the system of "Composite-2". The company had strong potential to consolidate the image of a modern manufacturer and a reliable partner, who is able to operate effectively on a highly competitive market.

          In 2002 the company installed the line of expansion. The technology of expansion made it possible to input liquid additives (molasses, vegetable oil), enzymes into the feed that radically affects the absorption, feeds balance, prevents their "aging" - that is fat oxidation, provides exceptional hygiene of the production, allows to regulate the feed humidity.

In 2002 our company started to create a distribution network of the feed for individuals. In 2004 a specialized shops net came into being in Brest, Zhabinka, Kamenets, Kobrin, Pruzhany and Malorita districts of Brest region.

       In 2004 our production was certificated by the international quality management system ISO STB 9001 – 2001.

 In 2005 the line of fine feeds stuffing 0,2-2 kg was installed it made possible to increase the diversity of packaging products.

  In 2006 the extrusion line of pet food producing was put into operation. The system of quality and safety management has been used since 2006.It is based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP and has successfully got the appropriate certification. In 2008 the company has certified the control system of labor protection in accordance with the requirements of STB 18001-2005.

OJSC Zhabinka feed mill has been the largest producer of feeds for all types of animals, birds and fish in the Republic of Belarus for more than fifty years. Over the years the company has repeatedly modernized production lines, introduced modern technologies (extrusion, granulation, expansion), mastered the modern computer control system, successfully used the experience of foreign producers (enzymes input, vitamins, minerals).

OJSC Zhabinka feed mill considers the satisfaction of consumer requirements to be its main task, and the main demand of our consumers is to provide animals of all species and age-groups with a full high-quality fodder.  Feed, being a mixture of components of the protein, mineral and vitamin parts, is combined so that to compensate the shortcomings of some components by the advantages of others. As a result it creates a product that fills the need of farm animals and poultry in nutrients, promotes growth, development and preservation. Our company produces feed in the form of pellets, expanded feed and granular expanded feed.