In Zhabinka feed factory OJSC are certified:

        The control system of labor protection of production and storage of feed and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements STB 18001-2005.

      Quality system of production and storage of feed and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

       Quality management system of production of feed, protein and vitamin and mineral supplements, feed mixes to meet the requirements of ISO 9001- 2001.




  Labor protection policy of Zhabinka feed mill OJSC


The main objective in the field of labor of the organization is to create a healthy and safe working conditions in the labor process, to minimize the causes of occupational traumatism and occupational diseases, accidents and incidents at work sites, to reduce occupational hazards.

 Basic directions:

 - compliance with legislation in the field of occupational safety,    as well as other normative legal acts of the legislation on labor protection, whose field of activity cover the organization;

- Continuous improvement of conditions and labor protection;

  - Training of employees in the field of occupational safety, staff training of hazardous industrial facilities to locate and eliminate incidents and accidents;

-  effective enforcement organization of adhearance to labor protection requirements, labor protection analysis,  timely adoption of administrative decisions to improve management system of labor protection based on the processes of hazard identification and assessment of risks associated with them;

- Systematic informing of workers about working conditions, occupational injuries, accidents, occupational diseases;

- Involvement of all employees, trade union to participate in shaping and implementing of the policy;

The environmental policy of Zhabinka feed mill OJSC


The purpose of the environmental policy of Zhabinka feed mill is to guarantee that all manufacturing and administrative processes are aimed at reducing of the negative impact on the environment and human health in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Basic directions:

- Implementation of legislative requirements that apply to the enterprise and are associated with the environmental aspects of industrial activity;

- Activities aimed at reducing the adverse impacts and improvement of environmental quality through the development and adoption of environmentally efficient technologies and equipment;

- Reduction of harmful substances emissions into the atmosphere, soil pollution, wastewater discharges, wastes generation through the use of complex organizational, technical measures, rational management of natural resources;

- Ensuring the continuous improvement of knowledge among staff in the field of environment and its involvement in the implementation of environmental policy, goals and objectives of the organization;

- Environmental policyis to be brought to the attention of all the staff working in the organization or on its behalf;

- Openness of ecologically meaningful information about the activity of the organization;

- Continuous improvement of the results of the nature conservation activity through effective environmental management system.

Policy on quality and safety of products of Zhabinka feed mill OJSC

  The policy objective: the production of high quality, safe, competitive products, satisfying customer requests and the profit receipt on this basis for the organization's development and solving of the social issues of the team. 

Challenges in achieving this goal

Ways of solving of posed tasks

The conquest of new regional and international markets while maintaining the markets developed on the basis of mutually beneficial partnership

Constant study of customers requirements with the help of marketing research. The development of new products based on market analysis.

Improvement of feed production technology, constant improvement of technical level of production in order to improve productivity, quality and safety of products.

Using the advanced achievements of scientific and technological progress in cooperation with the competent organizations.

All employees should be aware that providing the customer with qualitative and safe products depends on the results of their activity.

 The introduction of new advanced technologies, improving existing processes and production in general.

Exchange of experience with leading companies in production of feed mill industry.

Strict compliance with veterinary and sanitary regulations for feed enterprises, requirements of the legislative and technical enactments.

Products testing at high technical level in accordance with the requirements of measurement procedures, ensuring of objective test results.

Improving systems of quality management and security products.

Timely and accurate distribution of responsibility for ensuring product safety.

Conducting internal audits.

Ongoing analysis of the activities aimed at prevention of problems and appropriate corrective actions after their detection.

The full computerization of the production.

Constant improvement of production computerization.

Improvement of the development of non-material aspects of staff labor organization.

Maintaining a stable psychological climate in the organization.

Growth of  production standards.

Systematic staff training..

Cultural way of life growth and the establishment of comfortable working conditions to the factory staff.