Zhabinka feed mill OJSC is one of the largest specialized enterprises of Belarus, producing feed of wide range and purposes, and dry pet food.

We produce feed and PMVS (protein-vitamin-mineral supplements) for all species of farm animals, birds and fish.

We are a leading manufacturer of dry feeds for cats and dogs in Belarus.

We use progressive equipment, among which it is worth to single out the line feed granulation and expantion. Both of the lines make it possible to improve the quality of our production.

Our company provides services in optimal feed rations development for farm animals on the basis of fodder economies. All the production of the plant is directed towards age-specific features for each species.

Our proprietary network is represented by 23 stores in Brest, Zhabinka, Kobrin, Kamenets, Malorita, Ivanovo, Bereza and Pruzhany areas. Our representatives are working on selling of dry feeds for cats and dogs in each region of Belarus.