GOST 9268-90

Fodder ensures normal growth and development of young animals, promotes high productivity and period of economic use extension, ensures the best development of the digestive system, produces immunity against disease-causing microbes. Using fodder KP-3 for calves the amount of growth reaches 700 gr. per day.

Feed composition:

Grain Group 74%: triticale, barley, wheat bran, wheat, corn, oats, rye;

protein group 23%: sunflower meal, dry corn product, lupine;

mineral-vitamin group 3%: salt, chalk, phosphate, premix SCC-2.

Qualitative indicators:

Exchange energy - not less than 10.5 MJ;

Fodder units in 1 kg. - Not less than 0,95;

Calcium - not less than 0,70%;

Crude protein - not less than 13%;

Crude fiber - not more than 10%;

Phosphorus - not less than 0,30%;

Sodium chloride - no more than 1,5%.


 Packing: polypropylene bags 10, 20, 40 kg

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacturing