K-111 - accelerates the process of fish cultivation to marketable weight, increases body fish resistance, strengthens immunity, prevents from diseases of digestive system and other internal organs of carp fish.

Composition of feed:

Grain Group 55%: triticale, barley, wheat, wheat flour;

Protein group 44%: sunflower meal, meat-bone meal, Provo, soybean meal;

Mineral-vitamin group 1% of: salt, monobasic calcium, defluorinated phosphate, premix PC-100 with the enzyme.

Method of application:

  • water temperature, reclamation activities, preparation of pond shallows, stocking density and gas-chemical composition of water is taken into account when feeding;

  • fish are fed  when water temperature is 4-8°C;

  • fish feeding is three time per day (6:00, 15:00 and in an hour before sunset);

  • at normal stocking and water temperature of 12-27°C with fish weighing up to 40 gr. fish are fed 4.4 grams per day at average, weighing 400 gr. - up to 20 gr., with an rise in water temperature, the amount of feed is increased.

Attention! If feed is not eaten during 1 hour - feeding is reduced by 10-15%. If feed is eaten within 30 minutes – feeding is increased by 10-15%. With a decrease of carbon dioxide concentration in water from 2-3% up to 0-0,2% mg / l the amount of feed is  increased in 3 times.

Qualitative indicators:

Crude protein 23,0%,

Crude fat 2,642%,

Crude fiber% 7,408,

Exchange energy 12.63 MJ,

Calcium 0.957%,

Phosphorus 0.843%,

Lysine 0.998%,

Methionine + Cystine 0,738%,

Sodium 0,136%,

Tryptophan 0,260%


Packing: polypropylene bags 10, 40 kg

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacturing.