GOST 9267-68

       КК-55 meets the need of animal in energy and nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, regulates the metabolism. It is made in the form of char and expanded grits. The average gain according to this technology in the period of 21 weeks is 503 g.

Feed composition:

Grain Group 85%: triticale, barley, wheat bran, grain mixture, rye;

Protein group 10%: sunflower meal, yeast, lupine;  

Mineral-vitamin group 5% of: salt, chalk, phosphate, premix COP-1.

Qualitative indicators:

Fodder units - not less than 0,85;

Moisture - not more than 10%;

Crude protein - not less than 11,0%;

Crude fiber - not more than 14,5%;


Packing: polypropylene bags of 30 kg

 Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacturing