STB 1842-2008

   PК-5-2 ensures the stable growth of chickens without extra feeding, allows to keep healthy stock of bird flocks, provides with good development of the skeleton, the absence of leg weakness  and good feathering, helps to develop the immunity against diseases and infections.

Feed composition:

Grain group 60% of: corn, wheat;

Protein group 35%: sunflower meal, soybean meal, yeast, fish meal, oil, fat;  

Mineral-vitamin group 5% of: salt, chalk, phosphate, lysine, premix P5-1, methionine.

Qualitative indicators:

Еxchange energy - not less than 1,350 grams Mdzh/100.;

Calcium - 0,9%; Crude protein - 22%;

Crude fiber - 4.5%; Lysine - 1,25%;

Methionine + cystine - 0.97%;

Sodium chloride - 0,3%.


Packing: polypropylene bags of 10, 20, 40 kg.

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacturing