STB 1842-2008

Feed composition:

Grain group 65%: shelled extruded barley, wheat, corn, barley; protein group 25%: sunflower meal, soybean meal, yeast, fish meal, mineral-vitamin group 10% of: salt, chalk, phosphate, lysine, premix P1-2, fat, methionine

Qualitative indicators:

Crude protein not less than 20,0%;

Crude fiber not more than 5,0%;

Humidity not more than 13,0%;

The exchange energy of 1,214 MJ;

Calcium 1,0-1,2%;

Phosphorus 0,7-0,9%;

Sodium chloride is not bole 0, 4%;

Lysine is not less than 1,0%;

Methionine + Cystine not less than 0,75%

 It is important to ensure safe water for ducks. Average water demand for ducks is 1.65 liters per head.


Packing: polypropylene bags of 5-10 kg., paper from 1 kg.

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacturing